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Turning beginners into winners

Karting can be a minefield of misinformation for the beginner, everyone has an opinion and everyone is right! Where do you start?
Actually it's all amazingly simple. Don't try and reinvent the wheel.

Take the popular route
If you want competitive racing with large grids at every circuit chose the most popular classes. Two that spring to mind are Comer Cadet 8/11yrs and Rotax 11yrs to old age, Mini Junior Senior and 177 all on a single chassis.
These are popular classes with a wide variety of used equipment to choose from and excellent spares availability at every circuit. Buy the best you can afford and preferably not more than a couple of years old. Staying with the popular theme, choose a popular kart, the ubiquitous Zip for Cadet and the Tony Kart in all its many colours for the Max classes. If you're not quick in one these you can be sure it's not the equipment!
Engines Builders: If you have a standard out of the box motor don't bother having it tuned until it needs servicing. Your driving needs to improve by seconds and a tuned engine is only worth a few tenths. When you do need that rebuild apply the same logic, who is popular? Force, Ogden, Grice, BRT, which ones are customers friendly and do the most winning? Ask around.
Now what?
But how do you find out how to prep your kart and set it up correctly for the circuit, what are the best racing lines and why wont my son listen to me?

This is where Kart Coach comes in

Kart Coach is the cost effective way of ensuring that your weekends are both productive and enjoyable. Every time you go out on track we constantly monitor and analyze your performance in order push your potential to the next level.
Constructive advice shows you how to get the best from yourself and your equipment.
It's no surprise that every sportsman is coached to success.

Keeping the Peace
Fathers and sons don't always see eye to eye so we concentrate on the driver whilst helping Dad get the best from the Kart, that way everyone's happy.

Finding the Time

You would be surprised to learn how little top teams change their karts between sessions but the collective effect of the little changes they do make helps to give them an edge. The same applies to drivers, a little tweak to the racing line on a corner leading onto a long straight can pay dividends and suddenly we find we can go down a tooth, optimise our carburetion, increase our speed and open up overtaking opportunities into the following braking area. Apply that logic to every corner and that's where the time comes from.

Don't worry be happy!
Finally you need to keep your feet on the ground. Every weekend will have its ups and downs but the important thing is to make progress and take as many positives away with you as possible. We can help you improve your technique, reduce your lap times, fine tune your set up, make faster starts and perfect your overtaking but if someone takes you out or a chain comes off it can be very frustrating. Don't worry! As long as you are quicker than the previous weekend and vow to eliminate that particular finger problem next time the weekend has been a success and your time will come. Change what you can accept the things you can't.

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